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PICNIC (Proteins Involved in CoNdensates In Cells) is machine learning-based model that predicts proteins involved in biomolecular condensates. The first model (PICNIC) is based on sequence-based features and structure-based features derived from Alphafold2 models. Another model includes extended set of features based on Gene Ontology terms (PICNIC-GO). Although this model is biased by the already available annotations on proteins, it provides useful insights about specific protein properties that are enriched in proteins of biomolecular condensate. Overall, we recommend using PICNIC that is an unbiased predictor, and using PICNIC-GO for specific cases, for example for experimental hypothesis generation.
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PICNIC's source code is available in Gitlab repository and link for the publication.

Condensate ecosystem

We strongly support condensate ecosystem: CD-CODE, Dresden Condensates.

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